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We look forward to welcome you to the second Testing ADAS and Self-driving Cars Conference, part of the Automotive Safety and Security Week

A fully dedicated meeting on testing and simulation of highly automated and fully autonomous applications for safe and secure vehicles

2018 highlighted discussion topics:

OEM case studies | virtual testing and simulation | test track and traffic testing |efficient data management | embedded software testing | ensuring safety of (H)AD | V2V and V2X infrastructure testing

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Are we ready for a large-scale autonomous deployment?

With case studies of leading experts, this conference aims to find solutions for bringing AD and highly ADAS to public streets faster and safer. This conference will present you with the opportunity to:

  • Hear OEMs’ experiences on validation strategies for ADAS and AD on all levels
  • Discover virtual testing strategies to prevent system failures in the later stages of the development cycle
  • Learn techniques for testing of functionalities for specific architectures and ODDs  to ensure safety of autonomous vehicles
  • Get an in-depth look into the advancements of mobility infrastructure and its effects on testing and security
  • Listen to industry leaders’  views on measures to ensure safety of intelligent vehicles in an interactive forum
  • Discover approaches to efficiently manage the test data

You should join us because..

  • Automotive IQ will promote networking in an exciting environment and provide you with a platform to demonstrate your expertise and share your experience with industry peers
  • You will meet like-minded professionals that share the same passion for innovation in business and for making the automotive world a safer place
  • You will take part in lectures and discussions about case studies with real world examples from the top market players that you can take with you to share directly with your colleagues and implement them within your organization

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